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Can I get any refund if I decide to withdraw from the competition?

All fees are non-refundable, unless the competition is cancelled by the organizer.

Do you accept late applications?

No late applications will be accepted.

Can I participate in the workshops without joining the competition?

Yes. Please refer to the specific workshop for more details


I am an artist/musician. Can I contact the NZMT for a potential project?

We are always looking for exciting projects and new collaborations ideas. Please get in touch via Get In Touch, and we'd love to hearing from you.

What type of events does NZMT supports?

We prioritize events that are focused on featuring or promoting New Zealand Music to the international audiences. We also value interdisciplinary and innovative collaborations between various industries and artforms, aiming to widen the public's understanding and appreciate of New Zealand music and create new opportunities for musicians and artists.


Where can I purchase the music publications?

All music published in New Zealand can be purchased on our website or selected retailers. You can also purchase the publications at our and our partners' events.

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